BADGER APP in Science


Year 7 APP in Science

Year 7 materials

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Y7 Contents

Level-Assessed Tasks

AF1 A Are Bones Living? Living things and life

AF1 B Are Steam and Mist the Same? Solids, liquids and gases

AF1 C How Does a Torch Work? Electric circuits

AF2 A Robo-Hearts Organs and systems

AF2 B Water Worries Separation techniques

AF2 C Trouble with Hubble Earth and space

AF3 A Hunter’s Success Food chains

AF3 B Shampoo Standards Acids and alkalis

AF3 C Nuclear Safety Energy resources

AF4 A Tree Houses Classification

AF4 B Indigestion Remedies Simple chemical reactions

AF4 C Skateboard Surfaces Forces

AF5 A Big Babies? Reproduction

AF5 B Salt Solutions Dissolving

AF5 C Bungee Business Forces

Level-Assessed WebQuests

AF1 Cells From Earthlings to Martians?

AF2 Generating Electricity Decisions and consequences

AF3 Born criminal Curious bumps on the head

AF4 What a Laugh Finding the best joke in the school

AF5 Aliens The evidence for visitors in UFOs

Author: Andrew Grevatt and Dr Mark Evans

Binding: Spiralbound & 2 CD Roms

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