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 Year 8 APP in Science

Year 8 materials

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Y8 Contents

Level-Assessed Tasks

AF1 A How do we breathe? Breathing

AF1 B Burning Magnesium Elements and compounds

AF1 C How does heat travel through metals? Energy transfers

AF2 A Antibiotics Microbes and disease

AF2 B Carbon Catching Environment

AF2 C Hearing Hopes? Hearing

AF3 A Badgers: TB or not TB? Ecology and microbes

AF3 B Where did the Moon come from? Elements and rocks

AF3 C Can military sonar kill whales? Energy (sound)

AF4 A Breaking up Food Digestion

AF4 B Salt Extraction Compounds and mixtures

AF4 C Investigating Insulation Energy

AF5 A Metals in Food Chains Ecology

AF5 B Cooling Compounds Compounds and mixtures

AF5 C Electromagnetic Strength Forces

Level-Assessed WebQuests

AF1 Invisibility Cloaks A look at models for light

AF2 Living for the Future New parts for old

AF3 The Deadly Fizz The perils of carbon dioxide

AF4 Battle of the Sexes Males have the best memory

AF5 British Bigfoot The case for secretive hominids

Author: Andrew Grevatt and Dr Mark Evans

Binding: Spiralbound & 2 CD Roms

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